A cosmopolitan refuge

A good hotel is a second home. But it’s also a place that tells us something new about the world. A place that provides security, but also stimulation, because every detail appeals to our desire to discover. As the Mauritzhof’s founder, Stefan Reckhenrich, says: “A good hotel is a cosmopolitan refuge.”


It takes courage and vision to transform a humble, family-run hotel into such a place. Stefan Reckhenrich certainly had the courage of his convictions when he reinvented the Mauritzhof in the early nineties. Reckhenrich had inherited the property from his uncle at the tender age of ten, but he graduated from law school before taking over the business. The era of one-size-fits-all hotel chains was just dawning. But this young man wanted to do things differently. He redesigned the Mauritzhof according to his own personal taste - so stylistically confident that it became one of the first members of Design Hotels™.

"We yearn for special hotels that allow us to rest and take a deep breath".

Dr. Stefan Reckhenrich, Hotelier

Since day one, Stefan Reckhenrich has been a visionary hotelier. One of those rare entrepreneurs who set trends instead of chasing fads. Who knows exactly when it’s time to fine tune or make changes. He believes that guests expect more from a hotel than original design. “Inviting architecture, elegant but comfortable interiors, and works by local artists are part of it,” says Reckhenrich. "But you also need great food that enhances the atmosphere, just like we offer our guests at RECKOS, and authentic, personal service from staff who complement the character of the hotel."  Today, the Mauritzhof checks all these boxes. A charming city hotel that could easily belong in Stockholm, Amsterdam, London, or New York.


 "We yearn for special hotels that allow us to relax and take a deep breath," Stefan Reckhenrich knows from his own experience. As a management consultant, he has travelled the world intensively for three decades. Many ideas picked up on his global travels have been incorporated into the Mauritzhof, implemented in collaboration with the Berlin design studio Lambs and Lions and the local architecture firm Kresings.


The result is relaxed contemporary luxe: pure and simple interiors, a sophisticated lighting concept, bespoke beds, and many other subtle refinements that make every stay a special experience. New additions include the sandstone façade and the panorama suite, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the lush promenade on the hotel’s doorstep.


For Stefan Reckhenrich, the Mauritzhof is a declaration of love for Münster. A bike-friendly university city that’s young, dynamic, and cosmopolitan. More than half a million artists and art lovers from all over the world flock to Westphalia for the Sculpture Projects, which takes place parallel to every other documenta. Researchers at the university enrich the city with their spirit of discovery, the start-up scene injects innovation and creativity. “Münster residents know how to enjoy life. That’s clear from the multitude of great restaurants, as well as the historic, well-stocked shops,” says Reckhenrich. The Mauritzhof is a luxurious oasis in the heart of this small metropolis. A second home for all those who want to discover it.

“Münster is a city of culture of international standing. It’s home to over 60 public works of art, more than anywhere else in the world.”

Dr. Stefan Reckhenrich, Hotelier